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About advertising on our site

Who you can reach and where?

As you can see on the map above, you can reach almost all the Hungarian diaspora around the world, as well as the tourists who plan their trips to Hunagry and get informed in advance.

The smokers!

If you target smokers, you know exactly how difficult it is. Almost nowhere they offer targeting this vast community, in fact the most advertisers not even can - even accidentally - to target the smokers, since most of them rejected the ad organization on web pages related to smoking.

Which are the top 10 foreign countries?
United Kingdom, Romania, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Ireland, Serbia, Netherlands, France, Italy.

How to advertise on our site?

You can advertise in any format that matches the structure of the page. Can be fixed position, page wide, page long, exclusive, campaign, long term rental and virtually anything.

Just share with us what you want and we'll solve it soon!

How you can reach us?

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