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Current snuff prices and varieties in Hungary - page 1

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Gawith OriginalGawith Original10g/0.35oz
Gletscher PriseGletscher Prise10g/0.35oz
Löwen PriseLöwen Prise10g/0.35oz




However our datas are based on the table "Alkalmazható dohánygyártmány kiskereskedelmi eladási árak 2021. december 30-tól" published by NTCA, but our site is for information purposes only!
You can find the current official table on the NTCA's website.

We are not recommending and/or selling tobacco products. Smoking is harmful for your health!
*: HUF to € conversion was made on 2021-12-30, based on Currencyconverterapi.

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